Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to moleskine

I don't know why the notebook is called a moleskine. I imagine they were originally made of the skin of moles, and the producers added an "e" to the end to avoid the ire of PETA. Suffice to say, my reasons for turning to the moleskine were entirely practical: I had to go shopping afterward, and the moleskine is about 2 pounds lighter than my other sketchbook.

We start off with a blonde. She was not a happy blonde, but she wasn't as sad as I portray her here. On this scale, being off by a millimeter can mean the difference between someone smiling over a muffin, and someone smiling over baby rape.

This guy was not as badass as he looks here. But he was as nerdy.

Turning my head 90 degrees, I saw these people. One was reading a book/texting/tilting her head to allow her hair to flop around, solely to allow her the chance to run her hands through it and pull it back in a completely different style, and the other was sitting ramrod stright/staring vaguely into space/frowning/thinking about 'Nam/lunch/inappropriate use of slashes.

And we end the tour with this comic-style drawing of a very, very respectable looking woman who became less so when she turned her head. Faces are weird like that. Another woman ordering mochaventilatteccino walked by at some point expressing interest in my water pen, which you will never see here because it moves to much to draw.

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