Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Anatomically Incorrect

I am trying out a new schedule of trying to create one new personal piece every week, at least.  This is a half success. It started out as a drawing of how it feels as an artist to try to reach your true inner self, and never being quite sure if you've found it.  But I got sloppy near the end because I was using red pencil that doesn't erase, and the bottom figure is about as anatomically correct as a melting Ken doll.

Still, I think I might frame it, and I think the idea is good enough that I might do another version, in a different color, and use more reference next time.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


When things go frustratingly in the illustration business, when I am, say, almost deliberately snubbed from an opportunity to table at a big upcoming convention with a lot of industry professionals attending in favor of local non-attendees who were late with their applications, this is the sort of art I make.

I'm getting more into painting, since computer colored work only sells moderately well, and I hate sitting in front of the computer anyway.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lindy and Chuckles Crash the Granfalloon

Here's the pitch I put together for a 3-minute short for Nickelodeon. These aren't full storyboards, just enough to give the hiring team an idea of the story, dialogue, and jokes.

The idea is based off of the old Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton flicks, almost all of them featuring the main character as some sort of starving bum who falls into a mess of trouble and narrowly escapes it in the most dangerous and hilarious way possible.  We care because it’s obvious from the outset that the main antagonist isn’t really the Butler or the Cop or the Uptight Lady, it’s the entire world.  If they can get by, well then I can too.

Incidentally, a “Granfalloon” is a word made up by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. to describe a group of people who are connected through their collective pride of something meaningless.

I don't know if I'll get it, or even if I'm allowed to blog it before any given date, but oh well: here it is.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

In Praise of Pickling

There's a new Honestly Dara column up in Experience Life! magazine.  This one is in praise of something.  I forget what.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arnaud Faugas

This weekend I visited the Stanford in Washington Art Gallery (it was next to a Lebanese place my girlfriend wanted to try that ended up being delicious) and got to see a bunch of work by French illustrator Arnaud Faugas. 

He has an incredibly loose, whimsical line that just adds life to his subject matter, whether it's a pictorial history of Washington DC or a wine advert. Would that I could have enough confidence in my line (or enough funds to afford endless paper to practice on) to draw like this all the time.

Quoth the Raven, "This is a blog post."

This is how a black and white ink from my end-of-year promotional calendar turns into a finished, colored portfolio piece.