Tuesday, June 9, 2009


During his brief stay in Iraq, comedian Stephen Colbert has already made headlines by addressing a high school graduation by video, shaving his head on stage at a USO performance, declaring victory in Iraq, capturing Osama bin Laden, negotiating a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine, solving the Kashmir crisis, and wearing a turtleneck in the summer, in Iraq. Said Colbert, "I'd like to apologize to our viewing audience for a camera glitch that allows us only to broadcast in black and white."

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yet more sharks

More sharks. There are still images for a print guide to the movie. In order from top to bottom are the astounding zebra shark, the uncanny white-tip reef shark, the incredible sand tiger shark, the amazing nurse shark, the mighty bonnethead shark, and the marvelous black-tip reef shark. Collect all six today!


This has got to be possibly the cutest, least threatening thing I have ever drawn.

Or is it? That bear (it's a notorious Alaskan Kodiak Bear) has suspicious, beady eyes. Where did he get all those balloons? Why are none of them blue or green? What's in that picnic basket? Could it be filled with road kill? Or a severed head? Or perhaps, perhaps it's an apple pie that he does not intend to share with anyone!

Oh, the humanity!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Funnies People

SCAD held an Artist Alley last month. I moved some prints, made some dough, and did a bunch of drawing. Of them, these are the people who did not ask for theirs.