Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Medusa in the bathroom

It's a little bit amazing how we, as a species, equate physical beauty with inner beauty, when they are demonstrably not related whatsoever at all. 

It also presents a challenge to visual artists: how do you make an ugly thing that doesn't also look evil?  I figure it's probably cheating to just take physically gorgeous things, and disfigure them.  "This lingerie model has a wart!  Stare in horror at her blemish!" 

Or stare in quiet appreciation at the 99.99% that still looks quite awesome.  But it's still weird.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Lines, One Shape

I started a new Tumblr

About twice a week, I post new pieces of minimalist art, based on books and movies, and anything else that comes to mind. It's a completely different style than how I usually work, and it forces me to think outside the box.

My latest is A Clockwork Orange, but I've also done the Lord of the Rings, John Dies At The End, and The Dark Knight.  I expect to keep at it until neither I, nor anyone I know can think of any more media.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"All in the Family"

The latest from Experience Life magazine.  Connected to an article about how certain family members may not be quite as pleasant as you would hope they would be, for once, please Grandma, I know you only have a few more years to live, but that doesn't mean you have to spend your time making other people want to die too...  and how to deal with that.

John Dies At The End

One of my favorite books of the past year, John Dies at the End, by David Wong (not his real name).  It perfectly blends horror, sci-fi, comedy, and the ordinary bullshit adventures of two guys living in [Undisclosed].

So of course I had to do a take on it.  Wasn't my first.  Probably won't be my last.

Dueling Politicos

There was once a time when Federal elected officials could go out by a river and try to shoot each other to death, and it was totally legal.  Sometimes they were bluffing, but that's still a pretty awesome idea, I think.

From the historical issue of Arlington Magazine.

Lost in Translation

A piece I did for the Domestic Disturbance column in Bethesda Magazine.  It's all about anachronistic phrases we still use, if we are old.  Really, when the last time you "rolled" down a window, or "taped" a show?


This is a piece I did a while back that I haven't gotten around to coloring yet.  I particularly like the water buffalo's dot eyes.