Thursday, December 20, 2012

A New Blog Post

One might think that title is a bit redundant.  Not at all.  My work for Experience Life Magazine has been featured on Design Director Stepahnie Glaros's blog, seen HERE.  You can also link to it from my facebook page....HERE.

The Whos: They Are Drawn

Since it's Christmas-y time, and if you're not into that, it's also cold and dark, so you can celebrate that too, I drew two of my favorite Whos: Cindy-Lou and Doctor in what I assume would be the 5th from last page of an imagined adventure romp.  The Doctor would of course, start off his expedition into Who-ville by sampling the best of the local headwear.  Headwear is cool.

I also apologize for the off-model Cindy-Lou.  I was drawing from memory.  But like most Christmas gifts that aren't bowling balls, it's the thought that counts.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Tell us a comic book character as well as a holiday motif you’d like to see said comic book character appear in! Emma Frost meets Frosty the Snowman? Santa and Son of Satan fight some bad guys? Doc Ock and Aunt May under the mistletoe? So on and so forth!

rodtownsend suggested:
Dr. Who and his daughter Cindy Lou

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mohammed: It Is Drawn

This is Action Mohammed, the Super-Prophet of the Muslim faith.  Given that images of him are frowned upon to prevent Muslims from worshiping the man instead of the teachings (way to go on that), the irreverence of a comic book cover ought to dissuade any such inclined people from throwing away their torah and bowing in the direction of my art instead.

In honor of Fred Van Lente Day, we’ll tie in with Fred Van Lente’s upcoming project, Action Presidents, by having out artists do “Action” versions of other historical figures (not Presidents or Philosophers, of course). You suggest a historical figure and our artists will come up with an “Action” design for them (like how Plato was a wrestler, so the great Ryan Dunlavey designed him as a big masked wrestler)

JaronHataway suggested:
Action Muhammad

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Line: It is just the CUTEST thing

Based on a suggestion from somebody (repeated by Axel Medellin), pick a comic book character that you’d like to see a “Lil’” version of (like Lil’ Archie, Hellboy Jr. or all of those Skottie Young covers)
TheHeroBiz suggested:
Li’l Arkham Asylum
L'il Arkham Daycare.  There are a bunch of l'il superhero art things (that's what they're called now) out on the web, but they all seem so darn literal in taking characters and smushing them into smaller versions, so I wanted to do something different and portray the Batman crazies as ACTUAL mayhem-causing tots, wrecking up Arkham Daycare for the Criminally Insane (A.K.A. Children).  So a little thanks is in order to l'il Maggie Prevatt, whom I modeled l'il Harley Quinn after.  I swear, she is that cute.

In the background you can see traces of l'il Penguin and l'il Catwoman, since I don't think they're Arkham natives, and l'il Killer Croc and l'il Mr. Zsasz I couldn't think of "L'il" versions of.  Only typing this do I realize that I forgot Mr. Freeze, and that he'd be the perfect "I don't want to play" friend for l'il Bane in the corner there.  Oh well.