Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spooky House

New in Arlington magazine, about a haunted house that was going to be torn down, but every single contractor they brought in ended up with his face completely removed the next morning, and strange writing in an unknown language written in his own blood smeared on the walls. The only decipherable words were, "laughter of girls," written in archaic Russian.

After the corpses were autopsied, the doctors demanded that all bodies be immediately burned, and the ashes be mixed with salt.

The house fell down during a strong storm later. For some reason, much of the debris was covered in what turned out to be human blood. Inquiries were not made, and plans to build a pool on the lot have been scrapped.
Arlington magazine is hardcore.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coffee napkin sketches

Names provided when known, names made up when not.

Emily Masterson: Public Health and Economics at UVA

Victoria Petrone: fashion clerk, possible icon

Winston Raimy: Hardware store owner, retired

Samantha Rubestein: waitress, Bijou lunch bar

James Chow: Masters in e-Communications, UVA

Marissa Grenside: middle school student, ice cream aficionado

Sonja Mellany: Teaching assistant, women's studies, UVA

Mike Russoll: Master's in aquaculture, UVA

Enzo Bernalli: bike repairman

Carl Garcia: accountant, mountain biker

Jerry Pillsbury: music store clerk, Side Tracks LPs

Katy Gehred: Student of Jeffersonian history, Rochester

Frederick Caspar: Literary critic, Richmond Daily News

Eileen Wrunoss: nonfiction author

Summer Rolland: poet, English student, Piedmont