Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coffee napkin sketches

Names provided when known, names made up when not.

Emily Masterson: Public Health and Economics at UVA

Victoria Petrone: fashion clerk, possible icon

Winston Raimy: Hardware store owner, retired

Samantha Rubestein: waitress, Bijou lunch bar

James Chow: Masters in e-Communications, UVA

Marissa Grenside: middle school student, ice cream aficionado

Sonja Mellany: Teaching assistant, women's studies, UVA

Mike Russoll: Master's in aquaculture, UVA

Enzo Bernalli: bike repairman

Carl Garcia: accountant, mountain biker

Jerry Pillsbury: music store clerk, Side Tracks LPs

Katy Gehred: Student of Jeffersonian history, Rochester

Frederick Caspar: Literary critic, Richmond Daily News

Eileen Wrunoss: nonfiction author

Summer Rolland: poet, English student, Piedmont

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