Thursday, December 22, 2016

I'm on a bus

More specifically, my art was chosen by the fine folks at the Tom Tom Festival, and by my slavish social media followers, to adorn the side of the #2 bus, which goes to Wegman's.

Possibly my entry was the only one driven by spite, as I have been wanting to draw me some feathered dinosaurs ever since Jurassic World made a debacle of anatomy and science on the big screen and no one else cared quite as much as I did.

So now you can see that Velociraptor was a fluffy, knee-high predator, Stegosaurus held its tail far above your puny head, and Spinosaurus had stumpy little legs like a toddler crocodile.  Also, Protoceratops looked like a pig, and was probably delicious.

Here's the press release, written up by my studio-mate Madeleine Rhondeau.

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