Thursday, December 29, 2016

Year End Round-Up!

This is the blog post where I publicly acknowledge that I am quite terrible at blogging, and that I missed a bunch of art and publications that I did.

First up, my work on the Honestly, Dara column for Experience Life, by way of fantastic AD Lydia Anderson, which I've not posted the last 5 times I've been published there. 

The Cure is in the Kitchen, September.

Tapas Party!, October

A Caloric Evolution, November

Consider the Raisin, December

I also am the proud creator of an emoji.  If you buy the Game of Thrones emoji pack from ...somewhere, you can be the proud user of the George R. R. Martin emoji, to pep up any sort of text or online conversation where such a thing would be applicable.  While I myself never use emojis, preferring to write out me emotional states longhand, this is available via the proud folks at Random House, AD David Stevenson.

And I can't forget the funnest job I've had all year, illustrating the poetry section of WHURK! magazine.  Since the magazine is free to read online, I can include the entire print page on my blog!  Ha ha, the future is great!

I even did the cover for the November issue, highlighting the Khan family a la American Gothic.

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