Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bus of Dinosaurs What I Made

This Wednesday, I got to see my art being put on a bus.  I won a contest with a picture of dinosaurs, and they made some big stickers of my art and stuck them on a city bus, for the next year.

The bus with the dinosaurs on it is already on the road, with the dinosaurs being proportionally life-size, but will be officially unveiled at the Tom Tom Founders Festival, later in April.  I will be doing some public art on the 15th to promote it, as part of the McGuffey Art Center, where I'm a temporary member, and the Whurk Art Attack, because they sometimes pay me to illustrate poems.

Here's the original dinosaur ink line art that I vectorized for the bus.  I used a scale of one inch equaling one foot of real dinosaur, according to the fossil record.  The spinosaurus, being roughly 48 feet long, could not fit on my largest sheet of paper.

This is the guy from the sticker-putter-onner company, using highly specialized equipment (a box cutter and a flat piece of plastic) to put dinosaur stickers on the bus.

I specifically laid out the dinosaurs so that the important parts, like the eyes and the names, wouldn't get cut off by panel creases or window sills.

The company uses perforated stickers to go over the passenger windows.  It looks like a solid image from the outside, but is still translucent from the inside.

The final siding looks like this.  People on the inside can see out, but people on the outside can only see dinosaurs.  The other side of the bus took longer to apply stickers to, since it had more doors to work around.

And here's me, being devoured by my own creation, as often happens to wayward artists.

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