Monday, April 11, 2011

To Bean or not to Bean?

This week's theme, as much as I have a theme, is "Use up all my Payne's gray." I do believe I succeeded.

So I started out thinking of sumi-e painting, and the economy of line. I figured I'd do a little of that, and immediately broke that rule, adding whole bunches of little lines in an attempt to fulfill another little goal of drawing more of the people. Looking at this, I wonder how I'd do with a marker. I'd try it, but can't find one that doesn't bleed like a stuck pig.

Two regulars, and a guy who just came in from church and didn't sit down. I drew his reflection in a mirror as he stood in line to get something that sounds French/Italian.

This bloke here, whose hair I admire, was talking to the girl whom I never seem to be able to draw from the front. He quickly went back to reading his book and shifting his right hand all over the Goddamn place.

Having grown tired of drawing regular people in a humanistic way (this is called deadpan), I attempt caricature and fail miserably, even with a few of the most caricature-able people on the planet sitting across the way from me. I am shockingly pleased at how well I was able to give individuality to an attractive woman, something that is usually hard to do. Pretty girls tend to all look the same (insert joke about how they especially look the same when you aren't looking at their face, etc.)

And despite the fact that it was only noon, I grew tired with this mortal coil, and started to freak out and see thought bubbles over people's heads. The small child was particularly interested in engaging me in a staring contest, and I'm sure he could have induced a seizure in me if I hadn't torn my gaze away at the last moment. On the top left is primary reason I don't draw baristas.

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Jade said...

You could grab a market pad with a copic marker brush? The lines would not be as beautiful and deep but you could work more cleanly and easily perhaps! And I don't think it would bleed.