Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friends Who are Cold

If there's a theme to the sketches this week, it's: "What the hell?! It's snowing?! Two weeks ago I was playing frisbee on the mall with no pants on! This requires coffee." I gurantee something like that was running through everyone at the Mudhouse's mind at some point this morning. So you get another bunch of people wearing sweatshirts and scarves.

All right. I like to start off by loosening up, like an Olympic runner, or a green rubber band. That's why the fellow on top has a head shaped like malformed croissant. The bottom show my fourth (?) unsuccessful attempt to draw this woman. Seriously, I got this far, then a girl with really big hair comes and sits in front of her, and then she leaves. Do you see?! Do you see what happens when you leave!?

In between not finishing people, I did these people, the top two being lit most magnificently from their laptops. Aware of my sliding hand during the drawing process, I'm just going to go ahead and say that the woman looks "Picasso-esque". The Beard (that's his name now: Beard) has devoted his entire life to displaying his powers of lustrous hair growth to the world. Even his eyelashes blew around when someone opened the door. Clearly, he was a wizard, so I put sparkles around him.

And our last batch of folks here represents characters from places as far away about seven yards from me. One thing about it being cold is that a lot of people who would otherwise have gotten their coffee to go and drank it while riding wild stallions up sheer cliff faces suddenly found themselves exchanging blows and razor cuts over the few empty seats in the Mudhouse. I got my seat by tripping two nuns, a pregnant woman, and a legless orphan. The smug looking guy on top looks that way because he got a table all to himself, near an outlet for his laptop too. The girl, who name is apparently Rose, as overheard through an introduction by her sister to a fellow with glasses and a suit, who, let's safely assume, works at UVA. Now at that point, I was ready to go, but there was still an empty space at the bottom of the page, and a high school girl sat down at the empty seat at my table and we started talking about experiences drawing people in public, and hell, that guy wasn't moving too much, and he had a hat on, so why the hel not draw him, huh? He actually came over and complimented the likeness, which is cool, and I gave him a card. If he cares to identify himself in a message, well, that's cool, but I won't give him candy or anything.


Rose said...

Nice work! This is my new Facebook profile pic. -Sistah Rose

P. Hos said...

Glad I could be of service.