Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outside, with butterflies and crap

It was nice outside today, and since it's March, I had no reason to blame global warming. It's just Spring, y'know. That, and the fact that there were only three people inside the Mudhouse (including Daniel Day-Lewis/Eastwood, who had gotten a haircut, but that didn't warrant as interesting enough for me to stay inside when it was perfect outside.

Across the way, there was a guy across the street reading at a table outside the movie theater. He looked exactly like that guy from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," which, replacing the city, is kind of fitting.

And more in celebrity look-a-likes, Ringo Starr, Martha Stewart, and possibly Jack Johnson. Jack and Ringo were talking about the book Jack was writing about urban engineering. And you thought he only played guitar. Oh, and Ringo actually had a real British accent.

Okay, so there aren't that many tables outside the Mudhouse. After Ringo, Jack, and Martha, there wasn't anyone else to draw. I traversed the downtown looking for other clusters of people sitting down, and found one outside the Nook Diner, which conveniently had non-restaurant seating right next to it. The purple lady had red hair, and like everyone else who was looking for an excuse to be downtown today, was reading. The bearded fellow was eating with his friends in the outside dining. One of them was planning a wedding.

At which point, I became bored and decided to just draw people's dogs instead. The hyper-looking lab belonged to a friend of the oval-faced guy. That lab was really excited about the arrival of Biscuit, the terrier. I forget what kind. The terrier got even more excited about the arrival of the Newfoundland, Godfrey, which is the perfect name for a bear. All dogs are drawn to scale.

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