Friday, September 28, 2012

A line is drawn...

Some time ago, i submitted artwork to a popular Comic Book Resources feature, A Line is Drawn.  Suffice, I didn't get chosen to do the weekly fan art assignment, because no one who reads this blog went and voted for me.  And also a whole bunch of better people entered too.

But apparently, some of you did.  And apparently, some of you are also Israeli Mossad agents with intense loyalty to me, who bumped off one of the current Line is Drawn artists, Jason Gonzalez.  Pity.  He was really good, and hopefully, the agent took pity on him at the last moment and set him up with a new identity and life somewhere in Serbia under the name Shmjason Shmonzalez.

Take a look at the feature.  I will of course, be posting everything I there, here.

1 comment:

Mike Shirley said...

Welcome to The Line it is Drawn, man. Hope you'll have as good time drawing as we do suggesting ideas.