Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's been (two) weeks...

After a week's hiatus, during which I drew, but did not post, I return.

The first page actually is from last week. We see here from left to right and top to bottom, a few women standing in line for their expensive fancy foreign-sounding coffee drinks, an off-duty employee, a reader, an attempt to draw with my left hand, and one of the most shockingly beautiful people I have ever met. She looked like how movie stars look in magazines after photoshop, so of course, I went and made her look all nutty and caricatured. Everyone's the same on paper.

And today, sitting outside on the mall, I notice that the view would make an excellent panorama, and that most everyone was involved enough in what they were doing to stick around for that sort of thing. Exceptions: the third fellow got a female companion (not shown), the fourth guy decided to read a book after I drew him, and got up and left as I was coloring him, and the girl cluster grew by at least one more person, and then diminished by two as time went on. You'll notice that the girl on the left is the same off-duty employee who is on the above page.I admire her consistency for hanging out in the same place she works.

And then I went to Monticello, seeing as how it's only 3 miles away from my house and I know one of the tour guides (thanks, Katy) who promised me a secret tour of Jefferson's rec room (what that dome actually is) and administrative offices, and who's leaving for college next week, so my window of opportunity was limited. I brought lunch; a tomato sandwich, pretzels, cheez dip, and ginger ale, read the newspaper (comics), took my socks off and drew this. I snagged a few spring onions and parsley leaves from the horribly unkempt garden, ate a Jefferson snap pea off the vine, wondered about the nonexistence of the Jefferson hemp plantation, and came home at closing.

The day after the Rapture was always going to be a good one.

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Heather Surprenant said...

This made me laugh. That is all.