Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bizarre Tea

Well, slightly different strategies this time around. These first two were done, not in the Mudhouse, but in th Twisted Tea Bazaar, in the Hookah room, while sitting next to a gorilla and wearing watermelons on my feet. Actually, those last two are lies; everyone knows shoes go on you feet.

Right, I was very excited to do this particular portrait since Kara (yes, see, that's her name) actually had blue hair that matched my blue paint. Since the rest of her didn't match any paint I had, blue goes it.

On the next page is Ali, who I drew next because she seemed to be the most conscious that I was drawing people (except for the guy with the huge nose who noticed my sketchbook and ran away; smart fellow). You just can't ignore that, even though the other girl I was sitting with had feathers adhered to her hair, and the guys were both making the most hilarious faces.

And then I went back to the Mudhouse on Sunday, the day after the Tea Bazaar drawings. These are usual-style sketches, which I honestly don't have that much to say about anymore.

I've noticed a tendency I have to allow people hair to get away from them.

He was Indian, she looked less like Lady Gaga than pictured here.

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