Sunday, February 20, 2011

I don't even like coffee

I like milk and sugar that smell like coffee. That's worth $1.60 a week.

Exciting news! Remember that old man with the beard that I didn't have a chance to finish last week? Of course not. No one reads this blog, present company excluded. Point is, he came back, and I came early, giving me enough time for a second chance. Here he is in bearded glory. That wild bunch of squiggles in the back of his head is a pony tail. I good seat this time, with a nice view of a rotating group of mostly oblivious people siting against the wall. The guy (we'll call him "young Stephen King") was talking University stuff to the girl with the sun-glasses on page three. The girl with the non-pearl earring was studying the entire time. I have no idea who I'm going to draw when college let's out.

So young Stephen King leaves and a few minutes later, lady with TV news anchor hair shows up with a bunch of friend and sits with the girl he was sitting with. One of the rotten things about the water brush (it's a pen that you fill with water, and the nib is made of plastic bristles that the water flows out of. Instant watercolor paintbrush) is that it's very hard to control the darkness of the stroke. Anchor hair lady did not look exactly like what you see here, but thanks to teeny imperfections in line weight, it's nearly impossible for me to explain how. Here is my attempt, though: she wasn't wearing that much eye shadow. The girl on the bottom there was talking to two fellows. This is her pose when she was listening to the guy on her right. The scrunched guy I drew while he was in line, worked on while I couldn't see him, and finished when he sat down.

The guy on the top left was not wearing make-up. I blame the pen-brush again. Ah! Sunglasses girl. to be honest, I don't know that she was wearing sunglasses when I first saw her. She was the constant of my visit. Always there, but I didn't get around to drawing her until page three. Why? Because as a profile, she only needed to turn a half a degree to either side and all points of reference disappeared. Was her nose this long? That long? Shape of her lips? Can't tell. They moved. After anchor hair lady and her boyfriend left, a few more people sat down with her and they were talking about internships and foreign countries and Olympics and such. One of them saw me. I can tell because she walked behind me, sat down at their table, then everyone started whispering and making eye contact with me. I had already finished, and was drawing beard-hat, so I waved back. Diane Sawyer look-alike complimented me on her likeness as she left. Of course I did a good job on her. She was watching me too!

The dark-haired girl was studying. She had on a striped sweater, and a lot of the time, she was hunched over a book, and I wanted her face. So in between her lifting her head for a few seconds at a time, I drew blondie. The dark haired girl put on her jacket and left as I was finished her. I can honestly say I drew her up until she walked out the door. I need to start leaving my cards at the Mudhouse. I want more people to see this stuff.

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