Sunday, February 27, 2011


HEY! New format. In an attempt to appear cooler, and just to shake stuff up, I used my moleskine watercolor sketchbook at the cafe today. This allowed me to used color, which it too hard to incorporate when using regular, ultra-absorbent sketch paper. Let's take a look at the results, shall we?

This guy, drawing him, all I could think was that this guy lookedlike a cross between Academy Award winner Javier Bardem and Benedicio Del Toro. He was writing something, but I don't think it was a screenplay. The other girl has appeared in the cafe before; I've drawn her before, and just like before, she chose a seat that obscured her face. By making her hair purple, (actually blonde) she instantaneously looked like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.
I had with me four colors. Red, Blue, Purple, and Payne's grey. This girl seemed to know Javier Del Toro, nodded at him, and sat directly across from me, in exactly this pose, for hours. Yay! Other than leaning over and her hair getting in her eyes, I had all the time in the world, except when some guy sat between us, and I sort of had to bend around him to continue drawing. Oh, well. Success, all around here.

...which makes up for this poor guy. Almost the entire time, I listened to him talking to his friend about consulting and being let go soon. He's a lawyer, which has nothing to do with how horribly I drew him. I wanted to go up and apologize afterward. The girl was also there the entire time, but my success drawing that hairstyle varies incredibly. She was working on a laptop, and nowhere near as Chinese or old as she looks here.

Having grown tired with eye-searing pallets of reds and purples, I decide to go monotone. The half-girl on the left ended that pose before I could finish, and did not once go into it again. I drew a better picture of her on the next page. While waiting for her to resume the pose, I drew blue girl, who was reading an e-book. Fancy! I'm a little sorry I made her look so sad. She wasn't really. Maybe she just looks ghost-like and mysterious. That's cooler.

Well, okay. I went a little overboard here. The girl in the previous picture whom I failed to draw was Indian, and I do believe I made her look a little more exotic and dangerous than she was in real life. Really, she was just a college student discussing birds and learning patterns with some guy. The guy on the left was sitting by the window, and looked like he might be the kind of guy to punch me, so I drew him fast, then he got up and punched me. No, wait. He went outside to smoke. That's what he really did. The guy on the right, the Clint Eastwood with Javier Bardem's hair in that one movie, came in last, and lft just as quickly. Old people are the best to draw, because their faces are nothing BUT lines.

I had forgotten my watch, but at that point, my stomach was telling me it was time to go, so I went. It was nice out.

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