Sunday, January 30, 2011

I got a new seat in the Mudhouse this week. One by the window instead of the back. As a result, all of a sudden, everyone wasn't backlit. This made for more line-intensive drawings.

I also put enough sugar in my coffee to make a little slurry in the bottom that was too cold to entertain lapping up.

I started with the fellow on top, who stayed at the same seat, diddling away on his laptop the entire time I was there. The half-finished fellow found another seat with his girlfriend before I could complete him. I would have started with his girlfriend too (she had glasses) but she had the annoying habit of noticing me when I was working. Screw you.

The moptop there with the eyebrows had the audacity to ask to sit at an occupied table! Imagine! There was a guy at the table, and this bloke asks if he can sit there and read his book, and he does, very intensely. He had Andy Warhol/excited composer hair, and a minute or two after drawing him, I noticed that I made him a little lopsided. The guy on the bottom looked like the son of Jeff Goldblum, so I had to draw him. And the girl looks almost/not really like someone I work with.

Midway through my visit, this bloke comes in, plops down on the couch and falls asleep like a cat in the sun. He stayed absolutely motionless for the better part of an hour, and he had a mustache. Of course I drew him. The thin man I've seen before, the past two weeks. He's probably working on a book or something. Far as I can tell, there aren't too many people who come in week after week, routinely. Just me and him.

There can only be one...

I was getting around 1, and I was thinking about leaving, but the paint was still wet, and my drawing finger was still itchy. Like an angel from heaven, or, more realistically, outside, this comes in and sits down where the sleeping hobo used to be, and starts reading some photocopied class assignment. I draw the hell out of her, working around her slight movements and changes in position, deciding halfway in that I'd had enough line drawing, so hell, let's put some shadows in there. I'm pleased, and next week, I'll start with the bottom of this page.

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Jade said...

I like to read about the people as much as I like looking at the sketches :D