Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coffee sketches

If I can make it, I'm going to start a new "thing": Sundays, go down to the Mudhouse cafe and sketch until I get hungry. Here's the results of today.

Having forgotten my pencil, I started straight sketching with my water pen and payne's gray. The guy on top was reading a book. When he left, I drew his chair. The guy on the bottom looked like Andy Serkis, but he left before I could finish.

The skinny guy looked like he was writing a book. Or studying, or something. The other two girls were playing chess on the other side of the room. For some reason, the one with the ponytail ended up looking Chinese, but she isn't.

This girl was very good and barely moved the entire time I was in the cafe. Except her hand.

I dropped too much water in my color tray and made up for it with broader strokes to soak it up.

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