Friday, November 13, 2009

Four different variations of the exact same piece. The second one got fudged with the clouds, so ignore the clouds. They're supposed to look like the clouds in the other ones.

The point is, which one is better. I have my favorites, other people have theirs.


Jade said...

Skull, makes a nice triangle between angel, blast-on-ground and skull.

molly brooks said...

the bottom one.

sorry- don't mean to be a creeper- i got here via your website via cmyk, when i was making sure my own portfolio was uploaded correctly, and had an 'ooh, shiny!' moment at your icon. um, your art's pretty!

all the best,
molly brooks

Valerio Ventura said...

good work Paul! Pleasure meeting you at CTN-X! Ciao.

Siope L Kinikini said...

I like the bottom one and the skull one too. yes, and your arts 'pretty'... cool.