Saturday, September 26, 2009

Small Press Expo

My SPX badge.
Anyone who got a Free Shit who comments here gets Lifetime Awesomeness Award.
The big guy on the bottom actually is making pita bread for some of the most awesome falafels I have ever tasted. Each one is about the size of a small cat.
If it weren't for this girl, I would probably be still standing next to my locked car in the rain.

I did not buy anything from this booth, I think.
Some lovely photos.

Just a few of the souvenirs I picked up at my first SPX. I hauled in a bunch of free/discount swag, including a bag of M&Ms, I met a bunch of cool people, and I got to see Peter Kuper (not shown) talk.
I also locked my keys in my cars, necessitating a 2 hour subway/jogging trip to get my spare keys.

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