Friday, September 18, 2009

Fired up! Ready to Go!

I went to the College Park Obama rally on Thursday. The part that really got me was not the fact that, yes, young healthy people like me will be required to buy health care, and it wasn't the solitary jerk who tried to shout the President down and was hauled off by a 300-pound security guard, it was his "fired up! ready to go!" anecdote. When you're in a stadium full of people shouting "Fired up!" you can't help but join in, and you definitely can't help but feel fired up yourself.

Of course, 30,000 people fired up about a health care reform isn't necessarily all that useful after they leave the arena and haven't miraculously become members of congress.

New: live sketch from the rally, before Obama came on. You could tell the marching band was running out of songs when they started playing "Copacabana".

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