Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Newest in Paint

My new piece for Whurk: the Virginia Cultural Review went live a few weeks ago.  You can see and read the poem that inspired it here.

I find I've been doing a lot more painting now that I'm not stuck in my office all day, and now that I'm not limited to only what I can fit on the coffee shop tables. I'll paint for a warm-up, I'll do sketches in paint.

Sometimes I sell them, in the form of putting them for sale on my shop, and not actually selling any of them. My shop is here, and even liking the art helps boost its visibility, if you don't want to buy anything. It might help get it in front of someone who does.

Now that it's the second half of the month, deadlines are rolling in fast, and I haven't had as much time to do actual art as I would like, so consumed am I with sketching, most of which is incredibly ugly and not worth the effort of posting. 

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