Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Studio

 Starting at the beginning of this month, I was inducted in as a member of the McGuffey Art Center's Incubator program, in Charlottesville.  This comes with a third of a studio (you can see one of my neighbors to the left) and a year of reduced studio space rent. I view it as a job and attempt to spend at least 7 hours a day there, not including lunch, when I bring it.

To keep a schedule of good habits, I'm working on doing one sketch every day, and at least one painting a week, in the hopes that eventually some of them will be commercially viable.

I've also started working on daily social media updates on my art.  I'm now on Twitter and Instagram, @phostetlerart.
 I'm also committed to drawing one enormously fat man every two days.

And as a member of the McGuffey Artists collective, I'm designing their ad for the upcoming "Best of C-Ville" annual magazine thing, too.

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