Saturday, October 18, 2014

Inktober Day 17

So, I was listening to "This American Life" earlier today, and they had a story about a troubled black teen who was slowly reforming himself with the immense help of charter school teachers.  Then, during a field trip, a guy on the subway bumps him and he says, "Say excuse me."  The guy starts yelling expletives and picks a fight, and only after two teachers intervene does he whip out a badge and say he's a plainclothes cop.  He arrests a couple of students who have to spend the night in jail.  Fortunately, the teen's classmates had been through this sort of scenario before and took video with their smartphones and discreetly slipped his electronics out of his pockets so the cop wouldn't confiscate them.

This coincided nicely with the segment I had seen the night before on the Daily Show where Jon Stewart tries to convince Bill O'Reilly that white privilege is a thing that exists.

With those two things buzzing around my head all day, I thought it would be helpful to Mr. O'Reilly if I made him a visual aid of how prejudice in America still affects black people.

Incidentally, like last time, I did this drawing straight.  No pencils.

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