Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thar be napkin sketches

 Patron: talking to another patron I couldn't draw because of the angle, or a fat person in the way.

 Patron: talking to an equally imposing man with his back to me.

 Patron: writing what I assume was a screenplay or novel on his laptop.
 Patron:  Doing some sort of research or accounting or homework on a laptop.

 Patron: working on his laptop, but not working too hard, because he had no stacks of paper.

 Patron: One of a group of three, chatting merrily.

 Patron: Another of a group of three, chatting merrily.

 Patron: having shopped, was relaxing with an expensive, Italian-named coffee drink.

 Patron: doing something not too serious on his laptop.

 Patron: talking to her.

 Patron: talking to HER.

 Patron:  barista, code name Alec, in disguise as a civilian.

 Barista: code name Hunter.  Special skill: rosettas.

 Patron: to go cup.

 Patron: apparent winner of a card game with very complicated rules.

 Patron: chatting with friend, or being chatted to by friend.

 Patrons: discussing "Beasts of the Southern Wild" which they had just seen.

 Patron: very fashionable on a Friday night.

Barista: code name Danielle.  Secret power: waterproof.

Barista: code name Allie.  Secret power: concerts.

The vast majority of these were motivated out of the sheer boredom of sitting in a coffee shop with a ballpoint pen and nothing better to do or anywhere better to go.

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