Monday, February 6, 2012

A year of animals

For Christmas, I made my family calendars. Given that my family is made of pet owners, vegetarians, biologists, and oceanographers, I created animal-themed calendars. One for every month. In time for...mid-February, here are all twelve images, in order.January. At least someone got snow.

February: the month where everyone wants to sleep in.
March: the month that, like it or not, everyone associates with the color green because of Irish fairies.
April is rainy. I ripped this off of Peter de Seve. No one does animals better.
May: Oh yes, my family also avidly gardens.
June: Everyone travels to somewhere else on vacation, and annoys the people who live there and aren't on vacation.
July: a cat and an Indian elephant for the Indian guy who likes cats.
August: the dog days of summer. The terrified days of fish.
September: some people like ants. Ants are hard to draw.
October: putting on fat for the winter.
November is fun, even for vegetarians.

December: it's very cold and dark, and it makes people sing.

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