Wednesday, August 4, 2010


There's this reality show about "Fine" artists on the crappy cable channel Bravo (purveyor of fine works like "Real Housewives of Orange County" and "Top Chef") called "Work of Art: Finding the next Great Artist" and sufficed to say, fails to live up to any part of its name.

Except maybe "Next". I say that a lot when I watch this show.

The "assignments" given to these moderately talented and very, very pretentious reality show people are so transparent, and the commentary so flaccid, the opinions expressed so blase and trite, that if you said that art was artifice, and asked me to give you an example, I would hand you a dictionary, with the definition of the word artifice, which is what this show is!

P.S. I completely messed up that girl with the hair that looks like a mop. They never show her for more than two seconds at a time, and of the remaining artists, she's the most boring. Probably why she got booted off today.


Ann Pilicer said...

Wow great linework and really funny story behind it! Great illo! :D

michele said...

Lots of energy here! But tell us how you really feel! I'm staying tuned! ;o)