Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Daily Show is on vacation for the next two weeks, so I find I have large swaths of free time to spend experimenting. So I did a superhero, who is based off of a character I invented in 8th Grade french class (only it was a guy, wearing a purple windbreaker and a sheet of cardboard over his face, which goes to show that every single idea you have in 8th grade will probably end up embarrassing you later on) and whose costume I stole from a design for my college sophomore psychology class.*

Oh look. A picture.
This lady, in turn, was a rip off of "Brilliant Pussy", a character designed by "Scud the Disposable Assassin" creator Rob Schrab.

Look. another picture.

I could still learn a lot about digital coloring from this guy.

Go to and vote for my entry, which won't be hard.

*It's a psychology class at an art school. This is what we do.

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