Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bloody Frenzy

It is a known fact that if a Republican smells blood, it will instinctively start biting. A number of Republicans in place will start a feeding frenzy, in which they will bite anything to their left, including themselves.

Those not in the water have little to worry about.


S. Lee said...

Again, I'm a huge fan of your art.

You know, yesterday it occurred to me that I didn't know what you looked like and I was wondering so I GOOGLED you and found various people with your name but not sure if any are you. Why is it important to know what you look like? I guess it's not, but I was just wondering.

In my imagination I see someone who is a bald, older gentlemen with a possible mustache or goatee and glasses. Have you done any self portraits? Just curious.

P. Hos said...

I attempt to keep as few pictures of myself on the web as possible, but I happen to have something on facebook. In real life, though, I look like McLovin with more hair.

S. Lee said...