Monday, October 13, 2008

25 More Days?

McCain is 10 points behind in the polls. Forgive me, but I believe John McCain is a nice guy at heart, and the things that have been done in his name these last few months just makes me feel sorry for the guy. We're what, 90% sure Obama is going to win? Why not call the whole thing off and give the guy a break?


Jade Nellans said...

I love you, Paul. Though I think there are more lurking McCain supporters than one might think... :whimper:

P. Hos said...

As I know it, lurkers don't vote.

language is a lie, said...


Poor John.

I really love the dude - but ever since he snagged the GOP seat to run this year . . . he's turned into more of an angry Republican and less of who he has been for the past 40 years of his life.

Boo for party lines.

And that's why I'm not voting.